Why BIG changes can be a GREAT thing

Oct 19, 2022

You may have been wondering what happened to Regenerous Designs... Where'd everything go!? What's up with the big changes!? Or maybe you follow on Instagram and saw the post on July 31... I've been meaning to make the announcement on here for a LONG while and explain everything, but the other things that have been going on keep becoming top priority...

Artist Alyssa Bird smiling

This year started as one of those where I made big plans and thought I could do it ALL… But then reality set in and I was reminded of my physical and mental limits.

Oh wait, I'm NOT a Super Human Robot Person that doesn't need sleep and can work around the clock!? Yeah, I needed to start letting some things go. At least for now...

Regenerous got put in the back seat as my focus needed to shift to the new business I created, Picto Kits.

I haven’t stopped Regenerous, but it has significantly limited. I love making the accessories too much to completely give it up. I have ideas and plans I want to implement, but I currently needed to take a step back so I can take big steps forward with Picto Kits.

I can't hit the target I'm aiming at if I don't focus on it. So one thing at a time...

Artist/Designer Alyssa Bird showcasing her Picto Kit Art designs

To be totally honest with you, this business needed to pivot into something different because I was burnt out, overworked, didn’t have much to show for it, and I'm embarrassed to say it was like that for way too long.

I absolutely LOVE creating these unique accessories, but the truth is that I created a “sustainable fashion brand” that just isn’t a sustainable business to keep going. It’s not scalable because I personally have to take part in creating or finishing each piece and I physically cannot make enough to make a living. So after reevaluating everything last year, I decided BIG changes needed to happen.

I hit the ol' fork in the road. 

I could either quit or change direction to something scalable and if you know me, you know I'm super stubborn and ain't no quitter!!

So Picto Kits was born. This is the 1st thing I’ve created that I feel really has the potential to grow. It’s actually scalable, sustainable (in both a biz model and as a product), and the designs and directions we can take it are limitless. This is also something I’m thankful my husband, Nick, wants to do with me. It’s so special getting to create and grow this together. Plus not having to carry everything on my own shoulders has made a huge difference for me personally, mentally and physically.

This is where my heart is at right now because this is what is giving me hope for my future.

Nick Bahash holding Alyssa Bird in their Picto Kit Art booth setup at a craft event

I've taken what I learned from running Regenerous and transformed the upcycled textiles into a new DIY Art concept for all skill levels ages 3 and up. This has turned into a chance for me to share my love of working with fabric, still helping to minimize the waste in the fashion industry, and encourage and inspire others to create art they'll be proud to display.

We believe everyone is an artist and want to share this fun new art experience with as many people as possible. It's been so exciting and fills my heart to see the confidence in others grow after creating something themselves and Picto Kits makes it incredibly easy and rewarding to do that.

5 year old girl showing off the bunny Picto Kit Art she made

For those of you that have been on this Regenerous journey with me, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support. I definitely wouldn't have gotten this far without you. I'm so very thankful to be able to do what I love and share my God-given gifts with the world. This isn't the end of anything, it's the start of something bigger and more meaningful.

This pivot to Picto Kits only started a year ago so we can use all the help we can get spreading the word about what it is and how it works. Please check out the new website to learn about all things Picto Kits (PictoKits.com) and if you know anyone that enjoys creating unique art, please share with them too.

Thank you so much for all the love and support!! It really means a lot.

For those still wanting some Regenerous Designs, they're currently still available in a couple of shops. If you’re local to NW Arkansas you can find the Big Braided Headbands, scrunchies, and jewelry at Dandy Roll along with a few Picto Kit designs. I've also created a special exclusive collection of jewelry for the Crystal Bridges Museum of America Art gift shop.  

Regenerous Designs Custom Jewelry Collection for Crystal Bridges Art Museum