5 Reasons to Love Headbands

Jul 8, 2020

1. Great way to add some interest to an otherwise boring outfit.

Girl sitting on a chair with a lake behind her. She's wearing a teal romper with back booties and a Regenerous Designs big braided headband.

2. Keeps your hair at bay, allowing you to look fresh while exercising.

Yoga girl posing with her yoga matt and glass water bottle. She's wearing TOMs slip on shoes, colorful spandex shorts, light grey t-shirt, neon orange Regenerous Designs button band headband.

3. Easy way to mix patterns and colors in an outfit without it being overwhelming.

Girl sitting on a rock by a lake. She's wearing TOMs sandals, ivory and black patterned shorts with a deep blue sweater top and Regenerous Designs green big braided headband.

4. They're fashionable and functional year around.

Girl in khaki green top with Regenerous Designs bullet shell bracelets, brown plaid infinity scarf, and orange big braided headband.

5. They allow you to get creative with different hairstyles.

4 pics of a girl showing different ways to wear Regenerous Deigns headbands.