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Check out this New Blog Post with all the details of what's been going on, why all the changes, and learn about Picto Kits.

Our Story

We all have a favorite place to shop for clothes. Everything there feels so good and is made so well.
Well, Regenerous Designs uses the same fabrics they use. During the production process of making those clothes, a ton of great fabric goes unused and thrown out. That's where we come in. Regenerous Designs takes these amazing designer fabrics, before they're thrown away, and makes incredibly unique versatile accessories entirely by hand just for you.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

For this art museum gift shop, Alyssa Bird has created an exclusive collection of Regenerous Designs accessories utilizing custom sustainable textiles from fashion designer Emily Factor's past clothing collections, combined with other luxury apparel production cut-offs. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and can only be found in this shop.


Dandy Roll

A Modern Mercantile: This shop has the best collection of thoughtfully curated gifts for you and your home. They carry a limited selection of Regenerous Designs Big Braided Headbands, scrunchies, and jewelry along with a few Picto Kit designs.